Code Name: Cockpit for Situation Awareness and Monitoring (C4SAM)

Our Platform helps small, medium and enterprise customers who want to manage and secure their digital business by managing and reducing external and internal attacks and enable information-, operation- technology and security visibility.


The team has been working independently and together in the digital industry for decades and came together to realise there’s something missing in the offering in the market. For one, the small and medium business are often neglected and overpriced but are still the backbone of our economy – so we need to help them. And on the other hand most of our world is not just pure IT but depended on operational technology (OT) on their most critical level.
We have the determination to provide these “forgotten” or niche customers a solution to help them to see what is going on in their digital infrastructure. Reliable, affordable, quick visibility and instant value.

Our Mission

the challenge

Digital transformation of the business is progressing and getting more important for SMB’s, existing solutions addressing these challenges are too expensive and complex for this customer segment combined with a lack of knowledge and internal expertise.

the solution

Our mission is to provide a platform that integrate Open Source and Commercial Modules with a simplified User Interface and simplified automation processes to enable SMB’s and their service partners to get the required maturity to support the digital transformation and compete and survive in their markets for an affordable price tag.






Drawing on over 30 years of IT business experience to drive complex projects from ideation to completion. Holding several management and sales position of global Software & Cyber Security Vendors like Trend Micro, Checkpoint, Dell, CA and others.