SMBs are much more likely to be attacked by cybercriminals than large companies

While cyber-attacks on large companies are in the news, attacks on SMBs are rarely heard of. And that even though SMEs in particular are a popular target for cybercriminals. It is high time for small and medium-sized companies to protect their IT way better.

For a long time, ransomware was considered a problem for large companies, but that has changed. Now, more and more SMEs are being targeted by ransomware.

An end to the massive damage that has already occurred is not in sight – the opposite is the case. Digital transformation such as cloud computing, IoT, IT/OT convergence, remote working, and third-party integrations provide even more attack surface for CISOs to prepare for.

Why are SMBs much more at risk than the big ones?

Usually, their IT is not as well protected as that of the big ones. The reason for this is often a lack of know-how. Smaller SMEs in particular mostly do not have the resources to take all the necessary cyber security precautions.

In addition, SMEs often own sensitive data from larger companies. If hackers can enter their system, they can also get hold of data from the big players, which they then use themselves or sell for a large sum.

c4sam - That's why we focus on SMEs

We think that small and medium-sized companies also need a solution that protects their IT infrastructure and makes it resilient. C4SAM is made for the budget and expertise of SMBs while providing the protection and scope for large enterprises.

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