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Become a more cyber resilient business in a hyperconnected world, where cyberattackers present a constant threat.

Find your vulnerabilities before hackers do.

Major Features

C4SAM is a technology stack of best of breed single point solutions, which are integrated to provide a clear view of significant business-relevant information.

Improved usability and adaption through an easy-to-use, integrated and scalable platform that can be operated by non-IT security experts and can replace many individual point solutions.


We provide you with a solution that helps to support digital infrastructures, detect vulnerabilities and internal or external attacks, whether IT, OT, IoT or IIoT.


Automate your processes and infrastructures and use intelligent notification rules.

Risk & Compliance

Support through automation of certifications or risk and compliance assessments (GDPR, ISO27001, IEC62443, NIST, PCI-DSS, etc.).

Reasons why we can solve your problems

We are always adapting to the current regulations. Laws about GDPR are becoming more and more strict and – sooner or later – every company has to adapt to these laws as the are mandatory. With our solution you don’t need to gather all the know-how and time that is needed to implement it correctly and keep everything updated.

Our biggest advantages are the following:

The price: We think that small and medium size businesses deserve a good & affordable solution. Also, the price is not dependent on the no. of users but on the requirements of the IT Infrastructure.

Instead of having several single point solutions, our solution is fully integrated and covers all business relevant topics, not only cyber security, but also topics such as Risk & Compliance and automation.

Also, our focus is user friendliness, so that it can be used also by non-experts.

C4SAM has to be maintained by IT providers, which can be an additional income resource for you, apart from the reselling margin. We want to focus solely on optimizing our solution and are therefore always looking for IT consultants or IT service providers as resellers of our solution.

Just contact us for more information – we are looking forward to hearing from you!

It is impossible to be 100% protected against cyber attacks since hackers are constantly finding new ways. Therefore our focus is not only on protecting, but on making sure, that the IT infrastructure is available and reestabilished as fast as possible to reduce downtimes. 

We are constantly improving our solution based on what is relevant to businesses. Our aim is to provide an affordable, easy-to-use and fully integrated solution to secure your digital infrastructure.

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