3 reasons why the NIST Framework is a great place to start when implementing a cybersecurity plan in a company/organization

Starting your first security framework may be a worrying task at first, but tools like The NIST Framework makes your life easier. It is the industry standard when it comes to implementing cybersecurity in your organisation. Here we will see 3 reasons why it’s a great place to start when you’re starting to implement cybersecurity in your organisation.  

1. The Flexibility of the NIST framework

Starting information security protection in your organisation may be a daunting task, especially for new companies/ startups that are in their initial growth stage. The NIST CSF (Cyber Security Framework) has the great advantage of being flexible, you are able to use it to your company’s needs. The NIST CSF is a framework that is living and should be updated regularly especially as your business grows. Adding or removing subcategories is an easy process with the NIST CSF, and doesn’t require a lot of additional work when parts have to be added or removed.  

The NIST Framework is not a prescription of what you must do. it is not a step-by-step guide but more of a road, and if you follow the road, you will be on the right track in improving the information security of your organisation or business.  

It can be used in any business or organisation whether it be, small, medium, large or even a cooperation. There are no limits to where the framework can take you. You can keep it small and simple or you can scale it up to a higher lever tier and use the informative references that the NIST offers.  

2. It’s Easy to Understand

A great aspect of using the NIST CSF is that it is very easy to understand by everyone in the organisation. It uses a common vocabulary that everyone can understand and not only cyber security experts or IT personnel. The Core Subtitles can be used in a cybersecurity meeting with the technical IT team, just as well in a board meeting with directors as the language is accessible and straightforward.  

The ease of access is great for collaboration between departments and skills, cyber security should be seen as a horizontal line that touches all sectors in the organisation, and therefore should be present in all sectors. The NIST CSF helps with that by making it easy to comprehend. 

3. It is good for your business!

Whether your business, be a small or a medium-sized business, implementing a cybersecurity framework like this one is a GOOD financial decision IF implemented correctly. If your risk assessment is done correctly, you can calculate the risk and the cost of a cybersecurity breach. Depending on the type of security incident, it may be solved in a few clicks, or your organization could be brought to its knees…  

With the rise in ransomware attacks that we have seen recently. Knowing where and why to allocate funds in order to prevent these high-risk security incidents could save your organization HUGE potential losses that some businesses may never recover from.  

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