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Find out what our interns had to say about their internship

In July 2023 we welcomed three interns here at C4SAM. Banya, Stepan and Adrian are studying Computing / Cyber Security at the “STC Higher Education” in Malta.

We had the opportunity to interview our interns to find out more about their experience and how they liked their internship. Here’s what they had to say:

Question 1: What made you choose to apply for an internship at C4SAM?

Banya: “As I am a person who interested in Cyber Security aspects, C4SAM is a best place to apply my knowledge since the company emphasize the need of security that most of the company lack. I believe C4SAM is also a gate way to open my starting phase of my cyber security career. These facts made me to choose to apply at C4SAM.”

Stepan: “Even though I am into Machine Learning AI, I wanted to try out different field of study to help me decide which direction is best suited for me.”

Adrian: “My goal is to graduate with a degree in Cybersecurity so choosing a Cybersecurity company such as C4SAM was an ideal choice for me.”

Question 2: What was the highlight of your internship?

Banya: “My highlights were to learn the work environment, improve my team play and explore myself where I am useful at.”

Stepan: “My highlight of this internship was the humility of the staff at C4SAM, the BBQ and the patience of our mentor Mario.”

Adrian: “Apart from the learning experience the highlight for me was when I got to meet the team and got to know them and their backgrounds.”

Question 3: What kind of tasks or projects did you work on during your internship?

Banya: “During my internship period (9 days), I have developed the profile page which is a part of the company’s project. The task included the functions that allows user to update their profile details and password validation with good looking interface design.”

Stepan: “I worked at front end, using Node.js, React and Bootstrap technologies.”

Adrian: “The tasks I had assigned was frontend development using the React language, along with the CoreUI library. “

Question 4: What are your learnings from this internship?

Banya: “I have learned new programming language called Typescript, how to use React structure, how to make modern designed interface on page. Most important thing I have learned from my internship is how to communicate with other team members which makes my work so much easier.”

Stepan: “My learning was what is gitBash, Github, Node.js, React and Bootstrap and what they are used for, I have also learned about SASS and Typescript. I had a good understanding how my workplace will be and the decision that I will take for continuing my studies. I have some experience with the of how to use certain technologies and that I must study harder.”

Adrian: “I learnt about React and it’s respective libraries while also increasing my programming skills.”

Question 5: Would you recommend C4SAM as an internship destination to other students?

Banya: “I would definitely recommend C4SAM to other students since the company provide mentor (Mario) who helped me a lot during my internship and other facilities which are convenient to me to work better.”

Stepan: “I greatly recommend students taking an Internship here, its a good place with good and genuine people.”

Adrian: “I would recommend C4SAM for any future interns who are looking to develop and improve their skills.”

Are you interested in an Internship?

Overall, it’s clear that our interns have had an excellent experience during their time here at C4SAM. We’re proud to offer an internship program that provides hands-on learning opportunities and real-world experience to aspiring professionals. If you’re interested in an internship, we encourage you to check out our website and contact us for more information.

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